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Even though my book isn't yet available, I think you'll enjoy visiting the Avid Press website.

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New Mexico Tourist Information


New Mexico is a beautiful state.  With an average precipitation rate of ten inches per year, about the only climate type we don't have is tropical.  Still, you'd be surprised how thickly some things grow up in the mountains!  Here are some links to sites pertaining to New Mexico.



Travel 66 Silver City Page:

"Great Locations" New Mexico Area Guidebooks:

New Mexico Department of Tourism:

"Bienvenidos A Nuevo Mexico" (Welcome to New Mexico):




Family Pride


I mentioned that my dad is a writer and a Model T mechanic, but did I mention he's an artist as well?  Check out his pencil drawings, rock art, and handcrafted arrowhead jewelry.  You'll find his website, Ladino Art, at:  

It wasn't until he'd already launched his site that he realized Ladino was the name of my hero in The Awakening Fire.  He apologized if naming his site Ladino Art in any way "stole my thunder."  The fact is, the word "ladino" has many connotations here in New Mexico.  It can mean "wild and untamed," and it can also mean "half-blood" or "half-breed."  In the days of the Old West, many referred to the wild Longhorn cattle as ladinos, or wild ones.




Links for Writers

I belong to several organizations for writers. 
Here are their web site addresses if you’d like to visit.


EPIC (Electronically Published Internet Connection):   EPIC is the place to go for information on electronic publishing.

Women Writing the West:

WWW has about 400 members nationwide. For the most part, WWW is devoted to promoting the West as a setting as well as a mindset for novels written primarily by and for women. Many multi-published authors as well as representatives from major publishing companies are members of WWW.

Romance Writers of America:

Did you know that romance novels comprise 55% of all mass market paperback books sold in the United States? Most romance authors and writers are members of RWA, a non-profit professional and educational association of writers and other industry professionals with over 8000 members worldwide. RWA publishes a monthly professional magazine, the Romance Writer’s Report, which includes "how-to" articles about writing, industry news, and information about publishing statistics and contracts.

I’m also a member of the Land of Enchantment Romance Authors (LERA). Be sure to look for LERA, publisher of "the big blue book" on writing, the LERA Writer's Guide, at

I participate in an e-mail list of Western historical romance writers. You can check out our WHR "Home on the Web" at: Take a stroll through the ranch house and sign the guest book in the parlor.

Looking for an agent?

These days just about anybody can claim to be an agent, and a friend of mine almost signed on with a crook, so it’s a good idea to find out if an agent is a member of the Association of Authors’ Representatives. AAR membership is still no guarantee an agent is on the up and up, but it is a good sign. Here’s the AAR web site address: This site lists the member agents and their addresses, the AAR canon of ethics, FAQs, and the AAR newsletter.


Looking for authors, book reviews, online writing classes and critiques?   Check out Painted Rock Writers and Readers Colony.


Slang Expressions

Ever wonder about those sayings you heard from your grandparents?  Here's a site where you can probably find them and more. Visit AmeriSpeak at






Susan Wiggs:

Karen Wiesner:

Priscilla Maine:

Rachelle Morgan:

Katherine Garbera:

Ruth Owen:

Melinda Rucker Haynes:



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